Personal Planning


As previously mentioned, the personal planning we offer will be tailor made to the individual, family or business in accordance to stated goals and objectives. Below, we’ve identified a few notions crucial to our success when working with our clients. Whether you are familiar with these concepts or not, we plan to expand on these ideas and maximize their potential to drive your financial success.

Business Planning


If you’re a small business owner, we fully understand that you’re hard-pressed for time when it comes to duties above and beyond daily operations. We’ve custom built our Business Owner Checklist and Review for on-the-go business owners who may want to take a great idea or two with them. Shown below are some of the topics we frequently discuss:

  • Executive Deferred Compensation

  • Succession Planning

  • Exit Strategies

  • Generational Wealth

  • Key Person Insurance

  • Funding for Cross Purchases

  • Section 162 Bonus

  • 401(k)/SEP/SIMPLE IRA




Estate Planning


Working with your estate planning attorneys and trust officers, and through our relationships with New York Life's Advanced Planning Group, we can provide best-in-class estate and legacy planning strategies that can best meet your needs. If you are in the fortunate position of necessitating estate planning and wealth preservation, then why would you accept anything less than the guidance of a Fortune 100 company like New York Life? Neither New York Life nor we provide legal or tax advice.

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Charitable Giving


The basis for charitable giving is the passion one holds regarding a particular cause. This can range from a movement to an entity and anything in between. That being said, just because we feel charitable doesn’t mean we need to blindly bestow our assets. The strategies involved within financial planning are designed to mitigate taxable consequences within the law. This is done so in an effort to increase net chartable offerings to the charity or cause selected. For legal and tax advice, please consult your own professional advisors.