Strategic Resources

NYLIFE Securities


NYLIFE Securities focuses on providing clients with world-class brokerage services and a wide variety of investment options. As a registered broker-dealer and a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company, NYLIFE Securities can offer the resources needed to help clients maximize their opportunities to grow and maintain their wealth.

Kory is proud to be affiliated with NYLIFE Securities. Their long-standing history and due diligence process provides our investors with comfort knowing that each established account is monitored and held to the highest standards in order to meet the best interest guidelines our clients deserve. Lastly, their vast knowledge and resources help us to reinforce the necessary level of detail each new and existing account require.

Macro Asset Perspective® (MAP) Process


Macro Asset Perspective® -Whatever stage of life you are in, whether you are working to grow your assets or your assets are working to provide your retirement income, you are likely to glean value from the principles, processes and strategies found in the Macro Asset Perspective®. The Macro Asset Perspective® helps you implement a balanced approach to your personal accumulation & income by combining time-tested principles of risk management with sensible strategies for long-term tax-reduction, giving you the potential to increase your net spendable income in retirement. While this process was originally developed for a physician’s network on the west coast and high-tech engineers in the Silicon Valley, it has been successfully adopted by people of all walks of life and taught at workshops for employees at a number of Fortune 500 companies. For tax, legal or accounting advice, please consult with your tax, legal or accounting professionals.

Eagle Strategies LLC (“Eagle”) is a Registered Investment Adviser and a wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company. Eagle is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to help secure the future you desire. Eagle offers robust, high-quality investment advisory programs, ensuring Financial Advisors have the necessary tools to design tailored solutions - solutions centered around your individual goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.


Advanced Planning


New York Life’s Advanced Planning Group (APG) is a team of nearly 30 professionals with specialized training in law, taxation, accounting, business, insurance, finance, and philanthropic planning. With more than 300 years of collective experience, the APG supports a variety of wealth strategies and business planning objectives in these key areas:

  • Business protection and succession
  • Nonqualified executive benefit strategies
  • Wealth transfer and distribution strategies
  • Transnational planning (non-U.S. citizen)
  • Estate tax mitigation
  • Charitable planning

As an Agent for New York Life Insurance Company, Kory has access to the APG to bring value to you. Through its individualized case development process, the APG listens to and understands what’s important. With our nationwide Agency network, the APG has been down this path hundreds of times before, helping clients reach their retirement, estate and business planning goals and objectives.